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I wanted something more brandable and that could stand alone from my other sites. The problem with my old racquetball site it was part of another domain and kind of buried a few directories too deep. Here I wanted it totally dedicated to racquetball and be indexed as such. I kind of like having things in boxes, so I can pull out a box do my work, and put it back. It also works in a similar with my workflow and virtual machines.

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Going to cut a few corners to get this page done this morning. Plus the boys are awake and that just drags down productivity. Promise to have a pic and a better bio soon.

Joseph Delgado:
Been playing racquetball for a long time, been playing inconsistently for a number of years now. Not being able to play your best and being out of shape while loving to play racquetball is a bad life combo. I hope to have some fun developing this site, expressing my first ammendment rights, and improving the sport.

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